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 Team names in Irish women's ultimate

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PostSubject: Team names in Irish women's ultimate   Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:24 pm


Hope everyone is well!

Want to get your opinion on something. Heather registering the two teams for Tom's Tourney has got me thinking about team names in Irish women's ultimate. At the moment there are a good few names floating around out there and lots of us have played under a good few of them: Biddy Murphy-MaC-Deadly Buzz-Irish Ladies

I've been trying to get clear in my head if there is any logic to which one we use in which situations. (It also dawned on me that Liz came up with 2 if not 3 of them!) I'm not a big fan of coming up with a new name for each tournament - it's more hassle and more expensive for jerseys and I really think consistency is good, especially for getting accepted to foreign tournaments. So we need to figure out which means what and how we will use these/other names in the future.

Eg. The team that got into Tom's Tourney 09 is 'Biddy Murphy'. What does that mean? Do we want to stick with it?

I would say MaC is the easiest one to start with. It is the name of a Dublin-based women's club team, captained by Yiv. The way I see it Yiv pretty much has ownership over the MaC name. If someone thinks MaC should enter a tourney, they go to Yiv and suggest it etc etc etc.

Biddy Murphy has only ever been used by the national team when entering club tournaments. I would be in favour of 'saving' it for that, or at least used for teams selected on the basis of merit (I hate the word 'elite' but...) - the equivalent of Paddy Murphy.

That leaves Irish ladies and Deadly Buzz. Irish ladies kind of sounds like the it refers to the national team. Deadly Buzz is great, there is a logo (thanks Ciara!) and t-shirts circulating already and when used in the past it has referred to mixed-level teams open to anyone to sign up to....kind of like this team we're sending to TT, no?! Hmmmm when I started writing this I wasn't sure what my own idea was, but it has been revealed to me ;-)

Or am I thinking too much about this? Am I completely controlling and anal?!


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PostSubject: yes   Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:38 am

i agree that you're being completely controlling and anal again Linda.

Only joking!

I agree ab out team names. To me

MaC= club team from Dublin which has somewhat disappeared but will probably return some day...

Biddy Murphy = Irish National Team when entering tournaments (part of Murphy clan which is somewhat the same)

Deadly Buzz = whoever wants to play, and usually at Brugge!

I think Deadly Buzz for Brugge, yeh! I want a tshirt...
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PostSubject: names   Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:31 pm

Hey all,

First to explain, that I am responsible for using "Biddy Murphy" as our team.When the registration opened, I was so anxious that we get our names in first that Heather and I decided that while I was online I may as well send in our team email request so we would be top if it came down to a "first come first served basis".

The reason I used Biddy Murphy was kind of to cheat a little but Smile I did speak to a few ppl about it before I used it.
I know the TD's of these kinds of tournaments take into account whether or not a team has attended the tourney before, they also try and pick a wide range of skilled teams, so we had to choose between either entering as Biddy Murphy or Deadly Buzz as both teams were there last year. The reason I didn't use Deadly Buzz, was due to the fact that after loads of players dropping out last minute last year the squad was left with just 8 or 9 players. I didn't want the team we are sending this year to miss out in the event that the organisor would fear we wouldn't field a full squad based on the small team we sent last year. The team were awesome last year, so please don't think I mean it had anything to do with the great team that went. My perspective came from when I had to contact them regularly last year updating of the depleting squad size as people dropped out and it caused them hassle with refunds they insisted upon. For that reason I thought it was a safer chance of us all getting at least one team slot if I used "Biddy Murphy". Keep in mind that I knew we have till later this month to change our name Smile so yes, I cheated a bit...sorry for any annoyance this caused people!

So now we can choose whatever name we want, safe in the knowledge that we have a team. I agree with all the points. And Deadly Buzz is the team name I would love us to use too Very Happy

Hope I've explained that ok... I'm sooo excited about this already!
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PostSubject: Re: Team names in Irish women's ultimate   Wed Jan 21, 2009 4:10 pm

Nice forum, i think that's the easiest interweb account i've ever created. We should get some suitably embarrassing or stupid profile photos going to liven it up, i'll have to find a good one now!

I agree Deadly Buzz is a great name and Biddy Murphy should be saved for national team. A full squad at Tom's Tourney this year can go towards establishing Deadly Buzz as a name for future seasons too. Have to say I also think MAC is an excellent name and I like the old jerseys i've seen, but see it as dormant club rather than just a name.
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PostSubject: Re: Team names in Irish women's ultimate   Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:39 am

just to reiterate support for this!

I see Biddy Murphy as a name for a National Team competing in a non-national tournament.

MaC as the Dublin Womens Club name. Reserving it as this could be a good idea for the future of Irish Womens clubs.

Deadly Buzz as an open mixed level team for Irish women. With that, I'd vote that the team going to Brugges is Deadly Buzz in name, in recognition that it's Deadly Buzz in essence (and spirit!) and then follow through as Deadly Buzz for tournaments entered for the rest of the summer.
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PostSubject: Deadly Buzz   Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:29 pm

Yup we've changed the Brugge Team name to Deadly Buzz officially
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PostSubject: Re: Team names in Irish women's ultimate   

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Team names in Irish women's ultimate
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