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 The IFDA wants you ladies!

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Fiona DCU

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The IFDA wants you ladies! Empty
PostSubject: The IFDA wants you ladies!   The IFDA wants you ladies! EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 5:24 am

Hello all

So you know that plan some of us are working on for the IFDA? We would like some more women involved.

Nearly everything comes down to how to get more people playing, and how to keep them playing - everything else (how to organise competitions, how to organise membership/structures, which competitions to offer and encourage, how to improve coaching, how to improve the national get the idea) is based on getting more people playing, more often.

On our little group we only have one woman. And she's away for a month. It's kind of awkward. Five guys debating women's ultimate in a pub.

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be discussing the ideas that have come in in response to our email to pookas (and many of you replied to that - thank you!) and trying to formulate a plan. This will probably consist of a couple of weeks of internet-based discussion and collaboration, one day of meeting up and bashing it all together, then a little more writing/collaborating. And meeting a couple of times on a Tuesday, if you're in Dublin.

We'd love to have some more involvement from you. If you are a) female and b) play ultimate, you qualify. If you can use the internet: perfectly qualified. If you can spare some time to meet up (perhaps the weekend of those 1-day tournies): bonus. If you're not one of the old guard of irish women's ultimate: awesome. If you're not from Dublin: awesomer. (If you are either of those last two, you're awesome too of course.)

So please get in touch if you want to be involved. Email me ( or swing by McTurcaill's tonight around 8pm.

And again, thanks to those who have sent in their comments. Much appreciated.

David Rickard
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The IFDA wants you ladies!
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