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 Totally reset the Service Engine Light inside a Chevrolet S10

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PostSubject: Totally reset the Service Engine Light inside a Chevrolet S10   Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:29 pm

You are able to totally reset the service engine light in your Chevrolet S10 while on an Car Diagnostic Tools. This on-board diagnostic tool could be bought out of your local auto parts store, although a lot of such stores will look into the code and totally reset the sunshine at no cost.

The service engine light will switch on at regular times whenever your vehicle needs routine maintenance. Following the maintenance is finished you will have to by hand totally reset the sunshine to power it down. It is really an easy adjustment which will just take a couple of moments.


Search for the OBD II port situated close to the emergency brake around the lower dashboard. The OBD II port would be the receptive finish for that connector around the VAG Diagnostic Tools. Examine the connector finish from the oral appliance the receptive port to make certain you will find the correct port. Plug the OBD II scanner tool in to the port.


Close the doorways, roll-up the home windows and switch around the OBD II scanner tool. Place the key in to the ignition and switch it to "on," but try not to start the engine. Turning the automobile on will begin the electrical system which perseverence the OBD II scanner oral appliance let it do its job. The engine must remain off for that scanner to operate.


Wait for a screen around the J2534 Pass-Thru scanner to prevent flashing. The service engine light may have switched off. Turn the type in the ignition to "off" and unplug the scanner.


Restart the engine and verify the service engine light continues to be off around the instrument panel. Switch off the vehicle.

Tips & Alerts

Make certain you totally reset the service engine light soon after you carry out the maintenance of the vehicle to make sure that it'll always keep proper tabs on your vehicle's future service needs.
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Totally reset the Service Engine Light inside a Chevrolet S10
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