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 Retrieve the DTC In the Jewel Module of 1995 Ford

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PostSubject: Retrieve the DTC In the Jewel Module of 1995 Ford   Thu May 31, 2012 2:48 am

The generic electronic module (Jewel) on 1995 model year Ford automobiles monitors and controls your body-related functions from the vehicle like the interior lighting and also the car windows wipers. Once the Jewel picks up an issue with a number of from the body systems, it stores a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) in the memory and fires up the "service vehicle" light. DTCs connect with specific issues with the automobile and is very helpful in figuring out component malfunctions. You have to connect an automated Car Diagnostic Tools towards the vehicle's diagnostic data port to be able to retrieve the DTCs.


Park the automobile on the flat working surface and change the vehicle into first gear (for those who have a typical transmission) or park (for those who have a computerized transmission) and switch from the engine. Apply the parking brake and switch the ignition to the "On" position without beginning the engine.


Plug an Bluetooth ELM327 tool in to the vehicle's diagnostic data port. This port is mounted beneath the driver's side dashboard area.


Energy around the scan oral appliance choose "Jewel" in the primary menu. Choose "Codes" in the Jewel sub-menu. Then choose, "Read all current and saved DTCs."


Write lower the DTCs shown on the Mb Star C3 tool's screen.

Tips & Alerts

Automotive scan tools contact the onboard computer systems in automobiles. They are offered from auto parts stores and automotive tool merchants
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Retrieve the DTC In the Jewel Module of 1995 Ford
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