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 Using an Actron 9180

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PostSubject: Using an Actron 9180   Thu May 10, 2012 12:26 am

The Actron CP9180 is definitely an Car Diagnostic Tools, also known as an automotive scan tool. The CP9180 uses OBD-II technology, that is in position for those automobiles offered following the 1995 model year. The main purpose of the CP9180 would be to retrieve automotive trouble codes. These trouble codes are saved inside your car's computer. They often illuminate a "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light. While using CP9180, you are able to retrieve the code, look up, after which figure out what the issue is.


Place the vehicle key and switch the ignition to "On." Check the bottom from the driver's side from the dashboard for that rectangular data-link connector.


Plug the Actron CP9180 in to the data link connector. See the Actron's screen. Following a couple of seconds, you need to see "Vehicle Selection." X-431 Diagun


Scroll lower to choose, then press "Enter." You are able to choose "Domestic Automobiles," "European Automobiles" or "Asian Automobiles." Result in the appropriate choice for the company.


Continue taking the appropriate choices for that specific vehicle. You'll pass "Manufacturer," "Year," "Make," "Model" and "Engine." On some automobiles, the machine will instantly identify the vehicle once you choose the nation of origin.||Lauch CReader VI


Choose "Review Data" and press "Enter." Choose "Read Codes." The machine will browse the car's computer and retrieve their email list of diagnostic trouble codes. Write lower the codes and employ your Actron's software package to appear them up. You may also look them on the web.

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Using an Actron 9180
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