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 why are we here?

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why are we here? Empty
PostSubject: why are we here?   why are we here? EmptyWed Feb 04, 2009 4:19 am

This thread is about empowering each other.

We've all been playing for varying lenghts of time-even those who are our top players haven't necessarily been here a long time. What happened before this year? Well, there was Worlds 2008, Euros 2007, in 2006 MaC (Dublin Womens Club) focused on Tour in the UK after having the first Irish womens outdoor win at Tour 4 in 2005. Prior to that there was Worlds in Finland 2004, Europeans in France 2003, prior to this? But what about unis? When did Cork become a force to reckon with? When did Trinity become the better Dublin Club?

This thread can be about telling each other stories, about our clubs and their beginnings, why we each started playing, when? where? with who?, the tournaments that we played that got us hooked, the people we met that inspired us, why we decided to stick around...

This is about let each other know where we're coming from, so we can be proud of how much we've put in already and be assured that things can only keep going up!
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why are we here?
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