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 Baby monitors about wireless tech

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Baby monitors about wireless tech Empty
PostSubject: Baby monitors about wireless tech   Baby monitors about wireless tech EmptyThu Mar 17, 2011 3:05 am

As cell phones have spread, so have large cell towers — those unsightly stalks of steel topped by transmitters and other

wholesale electronics that sprouted across the country over the last decade.
Now the wireless new & best gadgets industry is baby monitors planning a future

without them, or at least without many more of them. Instead, it's looking at much smaller antennas, some tiny enough to hold in a

hand. These could be placed on lampposts, utility poles and buildings — virtually anywhere with electrical and network

If the technology baby monitors reviews overcomes some hurdles, it could upend

the wireless industry and offer seamless service, with fewer dead spots and faster data speeds.Alcatel-Lucent will be at the show

to demonstrate its "lightRadio cube," a cellular antenna video baby monitors
about the size and shape of a Rubik's cube, vastly smaller than the ironing-board-sized antennas that now decorate cell Starzmart

towers. The cube was developed at the famous Bell Labs in New Jersey, birthplace of many other inventions when it was AT&T's

research center.
In Alcatel-Lucent's lcd monitor video

vision, these little cubes could soon begin replacing conventional cell towers. Single cubes or clusters of them could be

placed indoors or out and be easily hidden from view. All they need is electrical power and an optical fiber connecting them to

the phone company's network.
The cube, Sweldens said, can make the notion of a conventional cell tower "go away." Alcatel-Lucent will start trials of the cube

with carriers in September. The company hopes to make it commercially available next year.
For cell phone companies, the benefits Wholesale Electronics & Accessories of dividing their

networks into smaller "cells," each one served by something like the cube antenna, go far beyond esthetics. Smaller cells mean

vastly higher capacity for
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Baby monitors about wireless tech
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