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 make less noise a rabbit or a guninea pig?

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PostSubject: make less noise a rabbit or a guninea pig?   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:32 am

I've had both and they are both pretty noisy. My guinea pigs were the worst for it, as they used to squeak whenever I was around. This is their way of asking for attention, food and just generally having a chat. As others have said, rabbits thump a lot.

I'm in a similar position to you and I missed animals so much, so I got some more. I started out with a Syrian hamster, who obviously doesn't making a lot of noise in terms of talking but does when it comes to the climbing on her cage bars and running on her wheel. The thing about hamsters is they really can't be without a wheel, so there's no way around it. It's cruel to keep them without one.

Then there's my gerbils who are very quiet. They live in a tank, so there is no noise from them climbing in the cage. The only noise they make is the chewing of cardboard and some digging holes, but to be Truly honest, this isn't particularly deafening! They must live in same-sex pairs, though. They're a lot of fun and can live up to 5 years, they're very affectionate towards each other and humans.

I don't know if you've considered them or had them in the past, but I would look into them. They're not an animal that I ever thought I'd get in the past, but I'm really attached to them now! They're also low maintenance in terms of cleaning, if you keep the bedding thick enough (which they need to build burrows) it may last 3-4 weeks, but depends on the animal.

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make less noise a rabbit or a guninea pig?
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